Collection of Folder Icons for Personal Use

folder # 166373

Green, Yellow, Clip art, Font icon

folder # 166403

Blue, Azure, Folder, Line icon

folder # 171342

Folder, Blue, Document, Paper icon

folder # 172467

Red, Material property, Rectangle, Folder icon

folder # 181719

Yellow, Clip art, Icon, Paper product icon

folder # 217560

Orange, Yellow, Folder, Wallet icon

folder # 220287

Rectangle, Folder, Label, icon

folder # 227192

Blue, Rectangle, Folder, Clip art icon

folder # 228611

Pink, Purple, Rectangle, Magenta icon

folder # 228677

Yellow, Folder, Envelope, Material property icon

folder # 229735

Blue, Cobalt blue, Electric blue, Azure icon

folder # 239026

Aqua, Folder, Rectangle, Icon icon

folder # 262616

Yellow, Rectangle, Electric blue, Square icon

folder # 331889

Group Icon, Manila Folder, Folder, Group Of People Walking icon

folder # 331906

Folder Icon, Flat Earth, Folder, Edit Icon icon

folder # 341714

Folder, Pvc Door, Clipboard, Manila Folder icon

folder # 342331

Manila Folder, Galaxy, Folder, Galaxy S8 icon

folder # 350214

Folder Icon, Folder, Manila Folder, Picnic Blanket icon

folder # 409287

Folder, Merry Christmas Banner, Banner Clipart, Scroll Banner icon

folder # 412387

Band Aid, Marching Band, Rubber Band, Folder icon

folder # 450740

Manila Folder, School Supplies, Folder Icon, Office Icon icon

folder # 456003

Delete Button Image, Folder Icon, Delete Icon, Folder icon

folder # 462757

Notification Icon, Paper Icon, Manila Folder, Folder icon

folder # 462823

Instagram Icons, Video Icons, Folder, Social Media Icons icon

folder # 462930

School Bus, Manila Folder, Folder Icon, School Building icon

folder # 463238

Lenovo Logo, Mirror, Manila Folder, Folder icon

folder # 463440

Folder, Manila Folder, Folder Icon, icon

folder # 463523

My Little Pony, Folder, Folder Icon, Hello My Name Is icon

folder # 464130

Manila Folder, Folder, Folder Icon, Flcl icon

folder # 464506

Video Icons, Manila Folder, Folder Icon, Instagram Icons icon

folder # 464634

Mario Maker, Manila Folder, Folder, Super Mario Maker icon

folder # 464638

Manila Folder, Folder, Video Game, Video icon

folder # 465411

Folder Icon, Power Button, Manila Folder, It's A Girl icon

folder # 474832

Mirror, Contact Icons, Folder, Hand Mirror icon

folder # 474912

Folder, Manila Folder, Folder Icon, icon

folder # 475382

Computer Icon, Mac Computer, Manila Folder, Folder Icon icon

folder # 477898

Folder, Play Video, Video, Video Game icon

folder # 479587

Manila Folder, Folder Icon, Folder, icon

folder # 491688

Manila Folder, Folder, Folder Icon, icon

folder # 491826

Top Hat, Folder Icon, Manila Folder, Top icon