About the Project

Dear Friends!
I have some very good news for you!
Yesterday I finished the negotiating with one independent company, which starting today will fund our project to develop it more rapidly. I managed to agree on the financial support that will not only consist in the financing of translations, but also, what is the most important, in a small (small yet) financial support for you.
So starting next month (July 2015), every scientific figure working with us - namely you, will receive monthly from our fund $15 for personal needs.
Many of you have a button "Donate" on your web site by means of which I can transfer money, those who do not have it, please send the data to transfer money (Paypal account number).
I remind all that I do is absolutely free, you just need to give consent to the translating of your biography or some of your articles to Spanish, to check the translation on its quality (the translations are made by professionals), and to establish a link from your web site to our translation.

P.S. If all goes according to plan, in the future, you will be able to post your articles or just some news (of course all copyright will belong only to you, it will be written there), and further to earn some additional money for the publication of articles or your research news. Thank you for your attention.

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